Identificacion Fiscal G54504907

Our association Protectora Animales Perros Del Sol, PAPS as we are known was founded to help dogs that find themselves abandoned, unwanted or ill treated. We give them a safe, secure and loving environment, making sure all the dogs in our care have all the food, water and veterinary care they may need. The activities of PAPS are completely funded by donations and fundraising events held by our volunteers. Our goal is to look after the dogs in our care to the best of our ability and find them new forever homes.


PAPS Bank Account

Deutsche Bank

IBAN ES62 0019 0412

5940 1002 5531

If you would like to become a member of PAPS, please complete the application form and submit, together with your fee, either by hand to anyone on the Committee, or by post to Membership Secretary - PAPS, Calle Rio Seco 60, 03191 Torre de la Horadada, Murcia, Spain.  Being a member not only provides revenue for the Association, but enables full participation and voting rights in the running of PAPS.

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